On 21 June, 2013, Ilija Dević filed complaint to the Constitutional Court of Serbia demanding urgent solving of his constitutional complaint as well as reception by the Constitutional Court Secretary, due to the fact that   ATP“Vojvodina“is on the list of 24 controversial privatizations solving of which is demanded by the European Commission in Brussels based on the report given by the Anti-corruption Council. The report of the European Commission especially emphasizes   ATP“Vojodina“  as the only case in which the investor is the one who suffers damage. There was no reply to this court submission, so  in December, 2013, Ilija  Dević’s team demanded insight into the subject in the Constitutional Court of Serbia. In late January, 2014, godine,  the team had the insight in the subject and then they learned that the City of Novi Sad  had filed a court submission through the City Public Attorney on 24 September, 2013  as  „a court submission of the third interested party“.  It is a big question in which way the City of Novi Sad managed to reach the Constitutional complaints since it is not the party to the proceedings. It is even more  strange that the court submission of the City of Novi Sad is put into the case (subject)  Ilija Devića  and  ATP “ Vojvodina „ and that the Constitutional Court did not reject it as inadmissible. According to the regulations in the article 29 of the Law on the Constitutional Court, the participants in proceedings in front of the Constitutional Court  who can initiate a constitutional complaint are: the submitter of the constituttional complaint and the state body against whose particular act or action a Comstitutional complait has been filed. The constitutional complaint  filed by  ATP“Vojvodina“  and  Ilija Dević was filed against the judgement brought by the Supreme Cassational Court, but not against the decision of the City of Novi Sad.  

The proceedings befor ethe Constitutional Court  are not civil proceedings!

It is even stranger that the judge rapporteur in the proceedings was Sabahudin  Tahirović ,  who was a judge in Novi Sad for a short time. After having insight in the subject, Ilija  Dević  addressed the Constitutional Court n 4 February, 2014 with a different demand for reception.


 On 14 October, 2013,Ilija  Dević  filed a court submission to the Constitutional Court of Serbia

 On 24 September, 2013, the court submission of the third interested party, the City of Novi Sad,  was filed

 On 4 February, 2014, Ilija Dević filed the court submission to the Constitutional Court of Serbia

ATP “Vojvodina“ looked like this

before being privatized


ATP“Vojvodina“ looks like this

after being privatized


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