In every report published so far, the European Commisssion gave the order to Serbia to start systematic consideration of the recommendations given by the Anti-corruption Council, especially the 24 comtroversial privatizations  within the Chapter 23 – Rule of Law.

ATP Vojvodina is the only case of privatization in which the investor is the one suffering the damage. There is final legal executive decision about the case of ATP Vojvodina but it is not respected. Based on the final legal executive decision there is an obligation to find out who is guilty for mismanagament of the contract between the City of Novi Sad and ATP Vojvodina . It will be only then that the European Commisssion will find the case of  ATP Vojvodina solved!

In spite of the European Commisssion, the same company which brought ATP Vojvodina to bankruptcy (poweful people, corrputed police, corrupted prosecutors, the clerks of „Credit Agricole bank“, now supported by the top of Ministry of Justice) continues to act in the same way.

In June 2014, the Anti-corruption Agency addresses the Appellatte Prosecutor’s Office in Novi Sad on the occassion of the criminal charges submitted by Ilija Dević. There was no reply, so an urging followed.

The Agency also sent the demand to the Higher Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade relating the criminal charges also submitted by Ilija Dević.

There was a reply from the Appellatte Prosecutor’s Office in Novi Sad and the reply is the one which clearly shows the fact that, in spite of being extremely precise, the criminal charges I submitted from 2007 to 2012 were dismissed under political pressure. I have never been informed about dismissing of my charges, except about the ones submitted by my attorney. I was very persistent in my decision to learn what was going on with the criminal charges I had submitted.

I have addressed the Republic Public Proisecutor’s Office countless times, and every time I  attached all the submitted criminal charges. There is the evidence about that  in the form of correspodence with the state agencies (Ilija Dević,Prime Minister, Minister of Police, The Presidency, Anti-corruption Agency and Prosecutor’s Office)

 The correspondence with the state agencies of the Republic of Serbia

For many years the Prosecutor’s Office has been thubderously silent!


I would like to remind you in which way the political pressure was being put on the Court and Prosecutor’s Office in case of  ATP Vojvodina from November, 2012 and it is still being put:

1) Forming of the work group for investigation of the case of ATP“Vojvodina“-the group was in the form of a group of citizens who were members of the City councils of the public companies in the City of Novi Sad.

2) Submission of the senseless report of the work group to the Court of Appellatte in Belgrade on the eve of the decision making and when all the deadlines to appeal were over.

3) The decision of the Court of Appellatte was brought in January, 2013 for the amount of 14 million Euros in favour of ATP Vojvodina; the City of Novi Sad submitted the demand for protection of legality and pressure was being put on the independent judiciary and prosecution.

4) Under political and criminal pressure, the Supreme Court of Cassation made their decision within record deadline of 24 days. The decision was again in favour of ATP Vojvodina, but with significantly reduced amount of money.

5) On 21 June, 2013, I submitted the comstitutional complaint to the Constitutional Court of Serbia which was also under political and criminal pressure.

6) As for the litigation for the personal damage compensation before the Higher Court in Novi Sad, there were obstructions and political pressure was put on the court experts and the judge in charge.

7) In October,2014, the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office from Novi Sad, due to being under political pressure, dismissed completely clear and proof founded criminal charges  I  had submitted.


 19 October 2014: The decision to dismiss  Ilija Dević’s complaint submitted on 15 September, 2014.godine (Sent after publishing of the report on progress of Serbia on 8 October, 2014)

 24 October,2014: Information sent by the Appellatte Public Prosecutor’s Office  in Novi Sad


After such acts in connection with the case of  ATP Vojvodina, it is clear that in Serbia  „politics has eaten the law“

Politicians are the ones who are protected in the case of ATP Vojvodina  and in this way, there is a false picture that something has been done relating the Chapter 23-Rule of Law.

The case of ATP Vojvodina will be solved by the Human Rights Court in Strazbourg, where Serbia will have to pay several hundred million Euros, thanks to its unscrupulous politicians.

The evidence for all the abovementioned:

 5 September,2012:   The Anti-corruption Council’s report to the Government of Serbia entitled „The Imternational Arbitrary Litigations in the Process of privatization and Harmful Acting of Privatization Agency

ATP “Vojvodina“ looked like this

before being privatized


ATP“Vojvodina“ looks like this

after being privatized


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