The Resolution on Serbia for this year was adopted before the European Parliament Foreign Political Committee  on 24 February, 2015, while the EP Rersolution adopted in 2012 is not respected at all, and the state of Serbia has been preparing  for opening the Chapter 23 on Rule of Law!!!

In the EP Resolution from 2012 the case of ATP Vojvodina was put on the list of 24 compromised privatizations as the only case in which the ivestor Ilija Dević, but not the state of Serbia, suffered damage.

There was the hearing on 24 February, 2015 before the Commercial Court in Novi Sad on the occassion of the change of the reorganization plan of ATP Vojvodina.

To the astonishment of all present, it was said that the intensive negotiations were in progress between ATP Vojvodina and the City of Novi Sad  on starting the traffic from the location of the new bus station which I had built. All the obligations of ATP Vojvodina towards the City of Novi Sad had been guaranteed by property of my mother companies and my personal property.

It was said that JGSP Novi Sad now wanted to move to the facilities of  ATP Vojvodina!

Just to remind you that I bought ATP Vojvodina company in 2004. It was considered to be a successful privatization. I expanded the company business activities  end employed 200 new employees. Based on the contract concluded with the City of Novi Sad in January, 2007, I built a new intercity bus station and Evobus service centre. The City of Novi Sad did not fulfill the contractual obligations and did not  redirect the traffic to new location so that the new bus station could start its work. Under the pressure of credit installments  ATP Vojvodina went bankrupt and 500 workers were put on the list of the unemployed.

The European Union put the case of ATP Vojvodina into group of five biggest out of 24 compromised privatizations, emphasizing it as the only case in which the investor, but not the state of Serbia,  was the one suffering the damage.

I am asking the following basic questions:

  • How is it possible to now redirect traffic to the new bus station which I have built  and it could not be done in 2007 when I completed the investment and fulfilled the contractual obligation towards the City of Novi Sad; how is it possible now when demanded by JGSP Novi Sad, why was it not possible earlier; why did they make ATP Vojvodina collapse, why have they been  taking away the funds I have earned as a businessman and why have they let the workers lose their jobs?
  • How is it possible that the City of Novi Sad is buying ATP Vojvodina company , while JGSP Novi Sad  is the company with the biggest financial losses in the City of Novi Sad as well as the biggest tax debtor?
  • If the City of Novi Sad did not have money to pay the damage compensation to ATP Vojvodina in accordance with the final executive judgement and political pressure was put on judiciary, how is it possible that they are buying  ATP Vojvodina?
  • What is the role of  „Credit Agricole bank“ and its clerks in Serbia from the very beginning in relation to their biggest client in Serbia?

I have still not been invited to the meetings, although my contract with the Privatization Agency was disputely terminated; I was in possession of 82% fund shares in ATP Vojvodina , and after the disputely terminated contract I possess 38% of ATP Vojvodina funds.

My message to the Government of Serbia, to the state institutions which are not doing their job, to the Minister of Justice and to the City of Novi Sad is:

I bought ATP Vojvodina company in 2004 as a responsible businessman with 30 years of work experience.

I came to Novi Sad as an investor but not as a patron of the City of Novi Sad.

This, just one in the line of the acts from the year 2007 by means of which they are seizing the funds I have earned, is a bad message to the foreign, but especially to domestic investors and those who should come to Serbia.

The talks on this topic were organized in the Government of Serbia in 2013; I did not accept their proposals and I considered it as a blackmail!

It is now absolutely clear to me why ATP  Vojvodina had to go bankrupt!

ATP Vojvodina is being prepared for the promised buyer JGSP Novi Sad when the law on privatization of the public companies comes into power; I have been familiar with the deal since 2006.


I am going to continue my struggle in the same way as I have had so far and I am not going to give up because I am right!

ATP “Vojvodina“ looked like this

before being privatized


ATP“Vojvodina“ looks like this

after being privatized


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