The case of ATP Vojvodina is on the list of 24 compromised privatizations. In accordance with the reccommendations given by the Anty-corruption Agency and after complete documentation of ATP Vojvodina has been considered, the European Commisssion has understood that not the state of Serbia but the investor is the one sufferring the damage.

The investigation was turned to the opposite direction. The investigative authorities were not dealing with the instructions given by European Union, but they turned the investigation to the direction opposite from the reccommendations given by the European Commisssion in order to protect the conscienceless politicians and save the City of Novi Sad from paying enormous damage compensation.

They have been fighting together against me since 2006: the City of Novi Sad, Credit Agricole Bank in Serbia (the officials from Serbia which were from the very beginning involved in taking away of my capital and this was proved in form of avoiding of execution of the final court decision and waiving the compensation demand, thus reducing the bankruptcy estate, which is contrary to the Law),the corrupted police from Novi Sad and corrupted Prosecution.

All these things have been being done in order to take away my capital which I was earning for 35 years in Serbia as a respected businessman and to cede it to the one to whom it was promised in 2006.

Although the case of ATP Vojvodina is something that the Prosecution is very well familiar with since it is an institution whose duty is to prosecute the actors of the criminal acts, as well as because of the fact that this case is an actual one and the fact that the public opinion, Anti-corruption Council, European Parliament, European Commission are interested in it, the Prosecution did not act in accordance with the regulations provided by the Constitution and Law on Public Prosecution, but it kept the criminal charges in the desk and dismissed some of them after 2 or 3 years.

I have filed more than 20 criminal charges ( and it has not been acted in accordance with them for many years, but two very precise criminal charges were dismissed:



It is obvious here that the institutions determined by the Constitution and Law to prosecute the actors of the criminal charges were acting in the very case of ATP Vojvodina in accordance with somebody's order and the pressure put on them, that they were acting in the way opposite to their professional obligations, that the reasons for dismissing of the criminal charges were not of criminal and legal nature and that they did not give the evidence that the state agencies were acting in accordance with the law.

It is clear now that the damage compensation demand stated in my personal charges P 249/2011 at the Higher Court in Novi Sad will be more than 100 million Euros.

In accordance with the reccommendations given by the Anti-corruption Council, European Commission understood that in the case of ATP Vojvodina the investor, but not the state of Serbia, is the one sufferring the damage. By the previous charges, the amount of 4 million Euros was paid to the damaged party.


I especailly want to emphasize that I informed the Special Prosecutor Miljko Radisavljević about this on 17 December 2008.

I have never got an answer!

On 25 January 2012 Anti-corruption Agency filed criminal charges to the Special Prosecution against then Mayor of Novi Sad relating the case of ATP Vojvodina

There was an agreement between the Special Prosecutor Miljko Radisavljević and Prosecutor Djordje Ostojić to cede the case to the Higher Prosecution in Novi Sad. The criminal charges were dismissed within 14 days and nobody was heard. It was only after the criminal charges had been dismissed that the Anti-corruption Agency was informed by the Special Prosecution about ceding the case to the Higher Prosecution in Novi Sad.

They understood in the Prosecution that their position would be better and easier if they accused me and that is what they have been attempting to do since 2006.

The best illustration of that is easily available and measurable fact: when I came to ATP Vojvodina its value was 2-3 million Euros,and after the investment completion and guarantees provided by my personal property for all the obligations of ATP Vojvodina, value of the company increased to 100 million Euros.

Since the Chapters 23 and 24 have been opened and it means that European Union has the right to directly interfere in judiciary of Serbia, I am sending this complaint to SCP (the State Council of Prosecutors) to act in accordance with it, since they either did not act in that way to the previous complaint or they gave me some general answers.

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

pre privatizacije


Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

posle privatizacije


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