European Commission – in accordance with the reports provided by Anti-corruption Council and after insight into the entire documentation of ATP Vojvodina within the 24 compromized privatizations, has found out that it is the only case in which the investor, but not the state, suffers the damage. That is the fact which was written in the European Parliamnet Resolution in march 2012.

I was conducting a hard-labour process against the City of Novi Sad in which the final executive judgement was made saying that the City and Republic authorities had not complied with their contractual obligations!

The European Commission and the European Council (GRECO) are demanding redirecting of the processes towards the persons from the state structures: Mayors, Ministers, parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors who caused the damage to the City of Novi Sad, its tax payers, employees and me as the owner and investor.

Instead of doing that, in case of ATP Vojvodina, direct political pressure has been put by Tomislav Nikolić and Aleksandar Vučić. It is generally known that the officials from the previous state security work for the interests of narco and tobacco mafia from Montenegro which manages Serbia. These people are those who transferred the state issues into private hands and from 2007 they have been trying from to take away my investment – ATP Vojvodina.

They have been trying to criminilize me in order to find justification for the failures made by the institutions and the City structures. Under the conductor rod in the hand of Aleksandar Vučić, they have been doing that by putting pressure on the judges, prosecutors and court experts. The main persons from the institutions and the City structures to blame are:

Tomislav Nikolić, Maja Gojković, Igor Mirović, Zoran Vučević, Miloš Vučević, Igor Pavličić, Velja Ilić, Borisav Borović and others.

Those who have been following the case carefully know that a final court judgement based on which the City of Novi Sad paid the damage to ATP Vojvodina company was already made. Having in mind the amount - about 4 million Euros, as well as the fact that there was connection among the state institutions, starting from the Republic level authorities down to the City ones which disabled work of the newly built station in spite of the valid contract, it is clear that it is exactly the point at which we can talk about an organized criminal group. Instead of investigating the issue concerning those whose interest was to stop the station from starting its activities, to make the company with 500 employees bankrupt, take away my property, the police and the prosecution sent a very clear message: In case you sue the state, you will be criminalized and arrested!

That is why I addressed that time Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić two times, but there was no reply:

-Letter to Aleksandar Vučić from 28 April 2014

-Letter to Aleksandar Vučić from 30 January 2017

Precisely from such reasons the European Council (GRECO) initiated the procedure against Serbia!

All those who carefully have been following the case ATP Vojvodina know very well that at this moment political pressure is being put on the judges in charge of the cases for compensation of the damage suffered by ATP Vojvodina and me personally. The appeal proceedings are at the second instance courts:

1. The proceedings at the Commercial Court of Appeal in Belgrade – judge rapporteur Milanović Ljiljana (the court experts calculated the damage in the amount of 91 million Euros) (COMPLAINT)

2. the proceedings at the Commercial Court of Appeal, the council not formed so far (the court experts calculated the damage in the amount of 36 million Euros) (COMPLAINT)

3. The proceedings at the Court of Appeal in Novi Sad (the court experts calculated the damage in the amount of 132 million Euros) (COMPLAINT)

Judge rapporteur Dušica Šalić, council members: Bajić Verica and Jasminka Dimić.

The judge Novica Peković , current President of the Court of Appeal in Novi Sad who has a special task in this case, has been given prolonged years of service by an urgent procedure.

I have informed all the European institutions about the case ATP Vojvodina since there is not the institution in my country from which I can demand protection against the statesmen who have been managed by narco and tobacco mafia from the previous state security.

I addressed Donald Tramp – President of the USA through American Ambassador in Serbia and I got the reply.

The only institutions where I have found understanding for my case have been Anti-corruption Agency and Anti-corruption Council.

As far as the case of ATP Vojvodina is concerned, European Commission and European Council(GRECO) have demanded in several Resolutions processing of the following persons: Prosecutor Djordje Ostojić, who has a special task given by narco and tobacco mafia, Prosecutor Vladana Todić, Judge Miroljub Novićević, Prosecutor Jovica Jovanović who on behalf of the Prosecutor’s office hired Mirjana Labović - the expert with the fake university diploma, Judge Gordana Ristić, Judge Goran Crevar, Judge Slobodan Sremčev, Judge Vladimir Nastić, President of SCC Dragomir Milojević, Judge Stojan Jokić, Judge Neven Vukašinović, Prosecutor Snežana Marković who was promoted to the position of the Constitutional Court thanks to her well-done job, Judge Darko Tadić, Judge Mirela Nikolčić, as well as all the judges in the proceedings. European Union especially insists on the reasons why current Assembly President Maja Gojković, that time Mayor of the City of Novi Sad, prevented fulfillment of the contractual obligations as well as on clarification of the role of her brother – the lawyer Dragan Gojković, who was at that time Antun Stanaj’s lawyer.

The City has found its alleged interest, i.e. interest of narco and tobacco mafia to put pressure, via Credit Agricole bank in Serbia whose representatives are in the Board of Trustees, on ATP Vojvodina so that it can bankrupt again. In that case, the City could cheaply buy the newly built bus station. However, the City is not an actual buyer, since by the law the bus services are not communal services. The station would have to be privatized, like majority of the bus stations in Serbia, and the City would offer it for little money to the long time ago determined buyer. Facing such a plan, does it have any purpose for me to ask: Who will be allowed to work with ATP Vojvodina investment if I was not allowed to work with it with all the valid documentation!? Or, why is property of all citizens of Serbia being destroyed, since there are the state funds in ATP Vojvodina?Precisely from such reasons the European Council (GRECO) initiated the procedure against Serbia!

Sincerely Yours,

Ilija Dević,Investor of ATP Vojvodina company

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

pre privatizacije


Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

posle privatizacije


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