Moving of the Case from the Court of Commercial to the Court of Appeal pospones the decision which must be made urgently
Model by which taking away of the ATP Vojvodina investments is continued is being prepared for BAS as well

During the period of one year The Court of Commercial in Novi Sad has not been able to make the decision on the temporary measure I have demanded because Credit Agricole Bank registered mortgage on the complex of the newly built bus staion and the service, although the contract on the loan had not predicted that. The case has been moving for several months from the Court of Commercial to the Court of Appeal looking for the explanation which could save Credit Agricole Bank from criminal prosecution because of the false registration. This is one among many court proceedings launched in order to take away the funds I was gaining during the period of 35 years.

Their attempts are not disturbed even by the fact that their act would harm all the other trustees of ATP Vojvodina, by the fact that they prevented reastablishment of the company which had emplyeed 500 people and by the fact that they made the reorganization plan totally meaningless, although it was made at the moment when the European Commission put this case among five biggest out of 24 compromized privatizations, but the only one in which the investor but not the state suffers the damage.

Let me remind you that at the beginning of 2013 the Commercial Court of Appeal made the final inforceable judgement by which the City, due to its failure to fulfill the contractual obligations, had to pay about 13 million of the damage compensation to ATP Vojvodina. Till that amount all the obligations of the company were settled and the bankruptcy would be finalized. However, that course of the events did not suit those who wanted to take this investment away.

According to my information, these people with the money are the ones coming from „the grey zone“ and they are involved in illegal activities, so their money would be „launderd“ by buying the company from bankruptcy.

Credit Agricole Bank had a very important role in this planned transaction and this acitivity could not be possible without it. That is clear from the fact that Credit Agricole Bank, instead of taking the money for their demands as soon as possible, prevented the Supervisory Board of ATP Vojvodina to start the executive procedure based on the judgement. The institutions did not stay impassive as well, but they were trying to criminalize me and, when they failed in doing that, they started collection of some loans of ATP Vojvodina from me as a guarantee and they did that in spite of the incorrect bills.

Purpose of taking my property away was planned in order to break my resistance and to provide conditions for them to take over the investment.

A similar scenarion in which the state is not going to protect the domestic investors is being prepared for Belgrade Bus Station complex and it is interesting here that the lawyers representing Credit Agricole Bank in my case are those who have created the initial plan for taking away of BAS.

ATP “Vojvodina“ looked like this

before being privatized


ATP“Vojvodina“ looks like this

after being privatized


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