They are waiting for the buyer who is protected by the authorities

Selling of ATP Vojvodina was announced after the decision to finalize the bankruptcy procedure with bankruptcy. The initial price defined by the bankruptcy trustee Nikola Pavlović is 6,6 million Euros for the newly-built facilities, including intercity bus station with 60 premises, service centre with the equipment and the new service building with the lot. At the moment when the investment was completed, the value of ATP Vojvodina company was 100 million Euros. Due to non-compliance with the contract, the company was operating at a loss for two years and went bankruptcy. When Pavlović took responsibility for the bankruptcy of ATP Vojvodina, the estimated value according to the Reorganization plan was 29,6 million Euros, while the expert’s estimation was many times higher.

What has contributed to the decline of the value of the company in the process basic task of which is to save the bankruptcy estate?

We have pointed many times to the fact that the entire investment has been the target of the dubious capital which has been protected by the institutions, primarily the authorities from Novi Sad. In coordination with the bankruptcy trustee, the City prevented the bus station from starting to work, thus declining its value. Credit Agricole Bank also contributed to the low price since, in spite of being the principle trustee, it did not take care of the interest of the investment. On the contrary, during the negotiations with the City they made efforts to stop the bus station from starting its work, in order to „treat“ the buyer they knew with a lower price from bankruptcy. Besides, they also worked in coordination with the bankruptcy trustee to be paid off as a secured creditor (although even that status of the Bank is matter of a litigation), although the bankruptcy creditors were to be given priority in accordance with the Reorganization plan.

Pavlović got a special bonus for that consent. It was hidden from other creditors for a long time, as well as „other expenses“ approved by the bankruptcy judge Vladislav Kurtek.

It should also be said that a number of facilites were sold in accordance with direct contract managed by Credit Agricole Bank. The achieved prices can only be speculated, but they would definitely have been higher if the selling had been announced in public.

I have been fighting against this way of managing the bankruptcy for 12 years; I have filed a number of criminal charges and initiated the procedures for compensation of the damage made to me and other trustees through syncronized actions of the City, the Bank, the bankruptcy trustee and courts.

That is why I have been the target of political persecution. That is why I was two times in custody while the funds I was acquiring for forty years dragged around.

It is out of question who can buy the ATP Vojvodina complex which is burdened with disputes and court notes. It can be only someone who is in advance supported by the authorities.

Sincerely Yours,

Ilija Dević, investor of ATP Vojvodina Company

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

pre privatizacije


Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

posle privatizacije


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