I bought ATP Vojvodina Company in 2004 at a public bidding at the Privatization Agency. I offered the highest price and became the majority owner. During the first year I fulfilled the Investment Plan and bought 30 new buses, opened new lines, expanded the business activities, employed another 200 workers. Next year, based on the contract signed with the City of Novi Sad authorities headed by that time Mayor Maja Gojković, I built a complex consisting of new intercity and international station and modern service EvoBus for the needs of Setra and Mercedes, which was to cover the area of the Balkans. However, the investment has never started its activities, because the City authorities did not comply with their part of the obligations and did not redirect the traffic to the new station. They were following the interest of the individuals from Credit Agricole Bank, such as Aleksandar Divljak, who was above the aims of the businessmen and State, and his orders were blindly executed by the Bankruptcy Trustee Nikola Pavlović who got his reward in advance by the end of the bankruptcy process.

Who do they work for, against the interest of the State and all the Trustees?

Under pressure of the credit installments, ATP Vojvodina went into bankruptcy and more than 500 workers lost their jobs.

Immediately before the bankruptcy, the estimated value of the Bus Station along with all the permits was 40 million Euros, estimation of the authorized service centre EvoBus for Setra Mercedes was 40 million Euros; in its composition ATP Vojvodina had building plot for which we were given the urban conditions for construction of 25.000m2 of office space, transport of the passengers in the internal and international traffic which was organized by engagement of 100 buses, as well as tourism activities the value of which was not estimated at the time. I can freely say that the value of the Company was much more than 100 million Euros.

The Reorganization Plan was voted in late August 2011. As the investor with the process role of an intervener, I was conducting very difficult court proceedings in the best interest of all the trustees, and only then in my own interest. The biggest trustee Credit Agricole Bank through its member of the Supervisor Committee prevented payment of the demands through the bankruptcy procedure. Illegally and supported by the Bankruptcy Trustee Nikola Pavlović, the Bankruptcy Judge Vladislav Kurtek and the Bankruptcy Council President – the judge Slobodanka Komšić, their illegal separate credibility was accepted. In January 2013 a final court judgement was made in favour of ATP Vojvodina by which all the trustees could have been paid and the workers turned back to their work places. However, the Bank prevented that through its member of the Supervisor Committee in ATP Vojvodina and all the time they were having secret talks with the City. The Anti-corruption Agency reacted to all these actions. A mounted criminal case was organized against me as the damaged investor through organized activities of Aleksandar Divljak from Credit Agricole Bank, leading people of the City of Novi Sad, Bankruptcy Trustee Nikola Pavlović and Police from Novi Sad. It is very strange that the team formed of the members of Novi Sad police, when investigating the case of ATP Vojvodina which was on the list of 24 compromized privatizations as the only one in which the investor but not the State suffered the damage, „failed to notice“ that the Bank registered mortgage on the newly-built facilities which, according to the contract on the loan and the pledge statement given at the court were not the subject of the mortgage.

During the 12 years long bankruptcy, the estimated ATP Vojvodina value of more than 100 million Euros has melted to 5,3 million Euros. How has it happened that, through the bankruptcy process basic function of which was to save the property and pay the trustees, the Company has been so drastically devalued? Now they want to impose all the obligations for all the credits on me.

Although the Court has not yet decided on the Audits at the Supreme Court of Cassation I filed due to unfulfilled contracts and damage compensation, the sale was advertized and besides me, the State Attorney’s Office in the name of the Tax Administration and Commercial Bank submitted remarks to the advertisement. The judge Slobodanka Komšić rejected the remarks a day before opening of the offers so that it could be done.

However, the procedure has not been completed yet because the Bankruptcy Trustee whose presence was defined in the advertisement, was hospitalized because of Covid, and the State Attorney’s Office appealed to the court.

Nevertheless, the offers have been accepted: Matijević Company is ready to pay 1,45 million Euros for the Service, although only the lost profit calculated by an expert is 80 million Euros. The Company Evrodrom from Kać is interested in the old service with the building lot and there are speculations that the controversial company Galens stands behind that offer. There were no offers for the very Bus Station.

Along with this process, the processes for defining the damage made to ATP Vojvodina and me are still in progress, so it is not clear why there is so much hurry to complete this sale.

The outcome of the audit for my personal damage compensation is expected to appear these days, and neither first-instance nor second-instance court has defined the facts, and that was the basis for the Audit I demanded.

Audit Demand to the Supreme Court of Cassation pdf

Constitutional Review Initiative pdf

Although the new Council of the Supreme Court of Cassation Civil Section was formed on 14 January, they managed to “master” in only five work days an extensive and extremely complex case relating my appeal for the personal damage compensation which had been waiting for two years to be considered at that same court. At almost impossible speed, the judges of that Council Vesna Popović and Gordana Komnenić relied on the opinion of the rapporteur, Zorana Delibašić. It is true that Delibašić tried to solve the case within the period of two weeks when my Audit demand arrived to the Court in the beginning of the year 2019, but I reacted to that attempt.

4 March 2019 Warning about the Events Happening at the Supreme Court of Cassation

It is clear that all the details of this complicated case cannot be understod in such a short period, unless the judgement has already been made even without that. Now the case has been presented to the newly-formed Council and we are waiting for the judgement to be made. It is indicative that last year in late December the judge rapporteur Zorana Delibašić was appointed a member of the High Judicial Council where she moved in the beginning of April. It is a question if there is corelation between the speed at which the Council will make the decision and her appointment in HJC, i.e. if it was the way of her buying the ticket to this organ.

The European Commission has been informed about all the details and processes which are in progress in this case and the case of ATP Vojvodina has been being monitored for many years. The senior officials of the European Commission these days predict temporary closing of other chapters for Serbia, until progress in judiciary, rule of law, human rights and freedom, i.e. in the Chapters 23 and 24 can be seen.

Sincerely Yours,

ATP Vojvodina investor Ilija Dević

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

pre privatizacije


Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

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