On 20 January, 2015, in its decision Kt.No. 58/15, the Basic Public Prosecutor in Novi Sad dismissed the criminal charges I had filed against Gojković Maja, Vukčević Zoran, Jeftić Aleksandar, Mirović Igor, Grbović Biljana, Stojković Vladimir, Tošković Vučeta, Tadić Lidija, Vignjević Danica and Mandić Dejan because of the criminal acts of abuse of their official positions in accordance with the Article 359, Par. 3 in relation with the Par. 1 of the Criminal Law, because there are the circumstances which permanently exclude prosecution and that is obsolecence (limitation) of criminal prosecution in relation to Par. 284, Par. 1, Point 2 of CLP.

I think that the decision made by the Basic Public Prosecutor from Novi Sad is illegal.

I filed the criminal charges against the persons mentioned above because of the criminal act of abuse of the official position in accordance with the Article 359 of the Criminal Law of the Republic of Serbia, and I described in the charges that their common activities had caused the damage to the City of Novi Sad in the amount of 400.000.000,00 dinars,which had been proved in the final executive court decision in accordance with which the City of Novi Sad had paid the damage to ATP Vojvodina.

Higher Public Prosecution. without any reason and with the intention to thwart launching of the criminal proceedings, motivated by the fact that the persons included in the charges are high officials of the Serbian Progressive Party and state officials, forwarded the criminal charges to the Basic Public Prosecutor in Novi Sad, although the very contents of the charges as well as the explanation clearly show that the Higher Public Prosecutor is in charge of the matter.

By such an illegal acting, the Prosecution works in favour of the defendants and the current Mayor of the City of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, who has neither initiated a recourse lawsuit within the period of six months from the moment of the damage payment against the responsible persons who inflicted the damage to the City of Novi Sad, nor any criminal charges, although the amount of 400.000.000 dinars was taken from the account of the City of Novi Sad.

This way of the Prosecutor's acting is totally opposite to CLP as well as to the basic role of the Prosecution regulated by the Law, his role being to prosecute the offenders after learning that the criminal acts have been committed. Like countless times so far, it has been confirmed once again that the Prosecutors in charge of all charges I have filed so far against the responsible persons in Novi Sad have protected the actual offenders in case of ATP Vojvodina, and I am totally sure that the reason for such an acting is direct pressure of the persons who influence upon them to make such decisions.

The Higher Prosecutor's avoiding of responsibility and shifting of the responsibilty to the Basic Prosecutor by illegal changing of nature of the very act without any check-ups is already seen model and way of work of the Higher Public Prosecutor from Novi Sad.

As for the filed criminal charges, the way of their dismissal. actions of the Prosecutor which are totally opposite to the Law, the competent authorities in European Commisssion as well as the agencies which will, on behalf of that institution, check up the work of the judicial authorities when opening the Chapters 23 and 24 for joining the European Union will be informed about them.

20 January, 2015 - Information sent by the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office(english)
11 December,2014 - Information sent by the Republic Public Prosecutor's Office(english)
9 December,2014 - criminal charge filed to the Republic Public Prosecutor's Office and the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Novi Sad against Maja Gojkovic

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Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

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