These days an inappropriate pressure put by the Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Miloš Vučević on the judiciary of Serbia can be seen. Without making comments on the judgement it is related to, I want to inform the public about the terror I have been suffering in Serbia as the biggest domestic investor in a situation in which the Mayor Vučević with his well played followers has been putting so far unseen pressure on judiciary in the case of ATP Vojvodina.

It is generally known that Vučević and his father have been ruling judiciary in Vojvodina under conductor rod of the President Aleksandar Vučić and that they are preparing the terrain for his brother, best men and other friends for taking away the funds all around Vojvodina. A part of the interesting prey is the investment ATP Vojvodina in which I have invested 35 years as a businessman in Serbia.

The pressure is being put in the cases at the Commercial Court P 1327/2015-the judge Goran Crevar, P 191/2016- the judge Gordana Ristić, P 197/2017- the judge Vladimir Nastić, the proceeding for personal damage compensation at the Higher Court in Novi Sad P 249/2011- the judge Mirela Nikolčić. They have been judging under political pressure or they have been, as the judges, influenced by The Higher Court President Darko Tadić, the judge from the Commercial Court in Novi Sad Slobodan Sremčev, the judge from the Commercial Court of Appeal Neven Vukašinović, the judge from the Supreme Court of Cassation Stojan Jokić, the judge from the Constitutional Court Sabahudin Tahirović, while the Republic Deputy Public Prosecutor Snežana Marković has become the Constitutional Court judge for her political merits in the case ATP Vojvodina (link).

The person who has a special role in all the proceedings is the Prosecutor Đorđe Ostojić, who has been fulfilling political and criminal wishes since 2006, and they are closely related to the case of ATP Vojvodina and me myself.

At certain point even criminal charges were launched against me with the aim to turn the victim into the guilty party. The Prosecutor Jovica Jovanović participated in that activity based on the expertise ordered to be done by the expert Mirjana Labović. Her diploma is under suspicion and that is why a criminal proceeding has been started. In case the proceeding is carried out, it could result in an avalanche of fake diplomas in the state institutions.

However, after the latest press release (link) I received the reply sent by Deputy President of the Commercial Court in Novi Sad (link).

It is generally known that my press releases are written in two languages and that they are sent to a few tens of thousands addresses in the country and abroad. The press releases are sent to the European Commission, European Council, Anti-corruption Agency and others. The reply sent by the Commercial Court from Novi Sad shows that they have been trying to pack my complaints into an appropriate legal format which can satisfy the Chapters 23 and 24.

The essence is that the Mayor Vučević, his father Zoran Vučević and all their followers are in culpability, while the judges are under special surveillance of European Union because they have not judged in accordance with the law and their own conscience but in accordance with the political pressure for which I am going to file founded and adequate criminal charges.

During our visits to Brussels, I was told several times that I was not conducting judicial proceedings but political ones and that this was the biggest case of taking away of the funds in transition of Eastern European countries.

However, the case of ATP Vojvodina is on the list of 24 compromized privatizations, out of which 23 are the ones in which the state suffers damage, while only in one of the 24 the investor - Ilija Dević, is the one who suffers the damage.

I believe that taking away of my funds will not be packed into legal framework and pull the wool over the eyes of the holders of high positions in EU.

I have sent two letters to President Aleksandar Vučić (link), but without any reply!

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

pre privatizacije


Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

posle privatizacije


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