During the night between Saturday and Sunday – 26 and 27 May, the site www.ilijadevic.com was hacked and downed in order to insert the viruses via the address to all the provider’s clients. Fortunately, the repair person noticed the danger on time, prevented the damage and I will file criminal charges against the perpetrator to the Prosecutors for High Technological Crime. I cannot believe that the attack on the site was performed accidentally, immediately after publishing of the clarification given by the judge from the Commercial Court in Novi Sad which was sent by the judge Slobodanka Komšić (Jorgovanka Tabaković’s sister) in accordance with the Ministry of Justice demand relating my complaints filed because of the problematic acting in the four cases.


The common thing in the clarifications given by each judge from the Commercial Court in Novi Sad being in charge of the proceedings, is that all of them claim that nobody has exerted pressure on them and that they have judged in accordance with their own conscience. All of them in a synchronized way refer to the judgement made by the Supreme Court of Cassation in 2013. The judgement was made under a horrible political pressure and their clarification is sending a clear message to the second instance courts not to judge in accordance with the law but in accordance with the court practice, despite the fact that court practice is not the source of law!

The way in which the political pressure was exerted before making the Supreme Court of Cassation’s decision in 2013


Anti-corruption Agency was interested in that contested judgement made by the Supreme Court of Cassation:

-A letter sent on 3 April 2013 to the First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić with no reply


-A letter sent on 12 August 2013 to the Supreme Court of Cassation President, the judge Dragomir Milojević with no reply


Instead of impartial trial, the judges from the Commercial Court in Novi Sad have stood to the side of the respondent – the City of Novi Sad and they want to impose their decisions on the second instance courts, even giving the advice to the courts to send the urgings in order to provide conditions for the second instance courts to, in a synchronized way, monitor the decisions of the first instance courts, as described in December 2017.


The complaints I have filed are justified:

1. The proceedings at the Commercial Court of Appeal in Belgrade, the judge rapporteur Milanović Ljiljana (the damage in the amount of 91 million Euros calculated by the court experts)

http://ilijadevic.com/images/ostalo/mar18/21-12-2017-s.pdf (COMPLAINT)

2. The proceedings at the Commercial Court of Appeal, the council not determined yet (the damage in the amount of 36 million Euros calculated by the court experts)

http://ilijadevic.com/images/ostalo/mar18/27-02-2018-s.pdf (COMPLAINT)

3. The proceedings at the Court of Appeal in Novi Sad, (the damage in the amount of 132 million Euros calculated by the court experts)

http://www.ilijadevic.com/images/ostalo/feb18/13122018.pdf (COMPLAINT)

The judge rapporteur Dušica Šalić, the Council members Bajić Verica and Jasminka Dimić.

In an accelerated procedure, the service life has been extended for the judge Novica Peković, current President of the Court of Appeal in Novi Sad, who has a special task in this case.

All these activities are being done in accordance with the direct order given by the President Aleksandar Vučić; the entire game of taking away my funds is organized by the previous state security, the Mayor Miloš Vučević and his Deputy Dejan Mandić, while one of the arrows in their arch is the clerk from Credit Agricole Bank, Aleksandar Divljak.

However, the President Aleksandar Vučić said the following about the case ATP Vojvodina:


The Chapter 23 – The Rule of Law was open in Serbia last year. This is the way in which Serbia respects the Action Plan. To be more precise, the entire Ministry of Justice supported in this case by the Commercial Curt in Novi Sad, has been packing the criminal situation in Serbia in a legal framework, thus presenting criminal and corruption as the form of its fight against corruption.

The European Commission has been demanding solving of the 24 compromized privatizations, but none of them has been solved so far. The case of ATP Vojvodina is the only one among the 24 in which the investor, but not the state of Serbia, suffers the damage. All these facts show that Serbia has not done anything in the anti-corruption fight as well as in solving of the 24 compromized privatizations.

This letter has been sent to several thousand addresses in the country and abroad, because I want to explain the way in which the simulated fight against corruption is being conducted, as well as the way in which the European institutions are being tricked.

ATP “Vojvodina“ looked like this

before being privatized


ATP“Vojvodina“ looks like this

after being privatized


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