The City of Novi Sad cannot wait the year 2021 as the Capital of European Culture with the old Bus Station.Despite the fact that the case of ATP Vojvodina is being monitored by the European Commission, the violence is being performed over the judiciary in order to take away, by means of political pressure on the judiciary, the investment from the damaged investor Ilija Dević!

In accordance with the reccommendations given by the Anti-corruption Council and by having the insight into the entire documentation of ATP Vojvodina, the European Commission has concluded that I am the damaged investor.

I recently warned the public how much the legal uncertainty cost Serbia

I have been fighting a bitter struggle for 12 years for my own funds which are being taken away from me illegally in Serbia in which I have been a businessman since 1974.

I have been conducting very hard court proceedings for the damage compensation:

1) Pž 1102/2018 (The Commercial Court of Appeal in Belgrade) - the judge rapporteur Ljiljana Milovanović

2) Pž 2658/2018 (The Commercial Court of Appeal in Belgrade) - the judge rapporteur Vera Tešić

3)Rev 519/2019 (The Supreme Court of Cassation)

At this moment the case was returned to Novi Sad to be supplemented after the attempt to make the decision within the period of 14 days under political pressure; I informed the public about the details

From the moment of coming of the Serbian Progreessive Party into power, there has been political pressure in all the court proceeding relating the case of ATP Vojvodina. The pressure has been exerted by Tomislav Nikolić, close friend of Dušan Stupar whose office rooms are used by the Serbian Progressive Party, Aleksandar Vućić, Nikola Selaković who is the one conducting personnel policy in judiciary and who, through the Minister Nela Kuburović, has been sending clear messages to the court presidents how to act with some cases. As an award, they are given various decisions on being appointed to certain positions (Steering Committees, examination commissions, employment for their familiy members etc.), thus enhancing their personal budgets.

In the case of ATP Vojvodina, the judges and prosecutors who without a word of protest fulfil the wishes of the politicians come from Kragujevac–Vojvodina judiciary mafia, working together with the renegades from the old state security who have transferred the state affairs to their private ones.

Despite the fact that in all the court proceedings for the damage compensation the court experts have found out that there has been the damage and by the final and executive court decision 4 million Euros have been collected from the City of Novi Sad, political pressure is being exerted to make all the damage claims rejected, to make ATP Vojvodina bankrupt and to by the Bus Station directly through the City of Novi Sad or through a strategic partner. By these acts, the politicians who are members of the Serbian Progressive Party - Maja Gojković and Igor Mirović, are being protected and they were the ones who prevented complying with the contractual obligations for the interest of narco and tobacco mafia. If I was not allowed to work with the Bus Station, who is the one who will be allowed to do that?!

All the things that cannot be completed by the Serbian Progressive Party are being completed by the Socialist Party of Serbia.

Dunav osiguranje has joined these dishonorable activities. Non-existing Supervisor Board of ATP Vojvodina published the ad on selling of a part of ATP Vojvodina property – the EvoBus Service Centre for Setra and Mercedes. However, Credit Agricole Bank does not have the mortgage on the new Service Centre so I filed the lawsuit against the Bank. The notice on the litigation has been registered in the Republic Geodetic Institute and I also filed an adeququate lawsuit to the Higher Prosecution in Novi Sad, the Crime Prevention Depatment.

Which interest does Dunav osiguranje have to participate in this corruption affair!

I have forwarded all these documents to the European institutions to have them considered and I have also informed the Prosecutor Offices and Anti-corruption Agency about everything.

Best regards,

Ilija Dević , the investor of ATP Vojvodina company

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

pre privatizacije


Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

posle privatizacije


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