I visited my father in detention yesterday. He is on his fifth day of hunger strike, after calling the warrant and ordering detention because he did not come to the trial and had excused his absence by the medical findings. Those working with the administration for the execution of criminal charges are telling lies, because they say that Ilija Dević started the hunger strike on Sunday at noon. They take as the starting point the moment when 48 hours of detention in the Ministry of Internal Affairs passed and when Ilija was transferred into the records of Ministry of Justice, thus misleading the public.

Ilija Dević was detained on 8 June at 10 o’clock and that was when he started the hunger strike!

It is very strange that it was a court which did that!

Numerous politicians, politically supported businessmen, various privileged persons as well as the very President Vučić are not accessible even for the court summons delivery, so such rigorous measures are not applied in their cases.

The judge Nikolić Slavica sent the medical experts findings neither to Ilija Dević nor to his lawyers so that they could give their remarks, but the findings were put away in order to be used now.

The expert Branimir Aleksandrić served the authorities as a suitable person for production of affairs such as: Dada Vujasinović, Topčider etc.

Besides all these facts, if the court had had any suspicions relating Ilija’s health condition, they could have warned him or punish him by applying some of numerous available measures, without applying the most drastic measures against a 67 years old man whose health has been seriously damaged in several fields during persecution of ATP Vojvodina.

The warranty was offered, but the judge Slavica Nikolić did not even consider it, but she allowed implementation of the most drastic measure that is not applied in practice.

After 48 hours of detention, the Criminal Tribunal heard Ilija Dević on Saturday, 8 June 2019. It is really strange that two members of the tribunal hearing him on Saturday as the duty judges were the same members of the Criminal Tribunal which called the warrant on 4 June and made the decision on detention. The same Tribunal confirmed the decision.

The Criminal Tribunal is composed of fast-acting judges who wastefully „USED THE ATOMIC BOMB TO KILL A MOSQUITO“.

Ilija Dević will not let the prison doctors examine him; he does not believe anyone but the medical review board formed on his family demand.

The criminal procedure is a politically mounted one and it is based on expertise performed by the court expert Mirjana Labović with suspicious faculty degree from Kosovo, against whom the Anti-corruption Agency filed criminal charges and which sent several urgencies to the Prosecution with the questions about the measures taken in relation with checking of the false diploma. The First Basic Prosecution has never sent a reply.

We are going to report about his health condition every day, because his fundamental human rights are violated in this way!

Nobody knows what the aim of such a persecution is. They are moving Ilija away from the public!!!!!!!!!!

The hearing on bankruptcy for ATP Vojvodina is scheduled for 18 June 2019!

You will find in the attachment the link of the Press Conference held on 5 June 2019


We have informed the European Commission, the European Parliament, The European Commission Human Rights Department, foreign Embassies, the Anti-corruption Agency and others about all these events.

Best regards,

Andjelka Dević, Ilija Dević’s daughter and the ATP Vojvodina management member before bankruptcy

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

pre privatizacije


Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

posle privatizacije


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