Fake diplomas entwining the fates of the businessmen

Three weeks ago and after twelve days of hunger strike, I was released from illegally ordered custody where I was sent because I had not been able to attend one of the court listenings because I had been ill. I am now using this opportunity to address the public to explain the events taking place before and during my being in custody.

The principal reason for the court to make the decision on sending me to custody are my high damage compensation demands I have because the City of Novi Sad did not fulfil their part of the Contract and after that the company ATP Vojvodina I used to be majority owner of bankrupted. The amount concerned here is several million Euros, and that is enough for the case about which people already know a lot to be moved from the legal sphere to the political top. The authorities are deciding on it now, but not only the judges who are only their extended arm. That is why the medical certificate issued by a Professor of gastroenterology from the Clinical Centre of Serbia was denied by the retired Doctor of Forensic Medicine Branimir Aleksandrić.

The judge Slavica Nikolić used it to leave the initiative to the Prosecutor, and he then filed the demand for my custody, thus throwing the ball to the Higher Court Criminal Panel led by the judge Jelena Škulić.

It is well-known in court and lawyer circles that the Criminal Department of the Higher Court is composed of the judges who were recently transferred from the Litigations of the Basic Courts. The circle of illegal and disproportionatelly repressive decisions has been closed by the Appeal.

Reactions of the public, experts, even European Union but also my twelve days of hunger strike have made either the court or the authorities look for the exit from that situation.

They found it in ordering the bail. I was against it because I knew what it was to guarantee, but my family accepted it because they were worried about the consequences upon my health.

After all, I would like to remind:
I earned my funds during the period of over forty years in ex Yugoslavia. In that big state where everybody knew the rules of the game, I was among five strongest businessmen in small businesses. Later, I had a small, then middle and finally a big company. I did not bring the money from the tax paradise islands, I did not earn it through privileges or political acquaintances and I have never, even in jargon, been equalized with the tycoons or war profiteers.

In spite of all these things, I have found myself in the situation where the state is taking away my funds – the state whose budged I was filling for decades, in which I employed more than 500 people and in which I was developing the plan for opening a thousand and two hundred of new work places.

In order to protect the politicians who have caused the damage and tried through Credit Agricole Bank in Serbia to donate the taken away property to their political friends, an entire political chevy has been organized, including even the mounted court proceedings.The court experts with fake diplomas such as Mirjana Labović and the prosecutors appointed in accordance with very precise orders given directly from the Cabinet of Nikola Selakovića are involved in that, and arrestings and alleged evidence are provided by the Police managed by the Minister Nebojša Stefanović, whose regular education is an issue media is shaking these days.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the entire media, domestic and foreign public whose support I felt all the time, and which is helping me to overcome the difficult moments I have been facing in twelve years lasting struggle.

Best regards,

Ilija Dević, Investor ATP Vojvodina Novi Sad

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

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Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

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