The court expert appointed by the court has confirmed that Credit Agricole Bank registered the mortgage in an illegal way

Although the demand on a temporary measure making is to be decided immediatelly, especially if there is danger of causing the damage which cannot be compensated, the Court from Novi Sad has been silent for two years already in case of the lawsuit I filed against Credit Agricole Bank because of the illegal mortgage.

It was even in late August 2017 that I filed the lawsuit because the Bank supported by the Cadastre Director entered the mortgage on the new-built facilities of ATP Vojvodina , although the activity was not predicted by the contract on the loan and in the earlier period the Court finally determined that action as an illegal one. However, the Bank still appeared as the bearer of the mortgage which provided it with the role of a secured creditor. That enabled it managing of the ATP Vojvodina bankruptcy. Duringthe last several years, the Bank has been trying seven times to sell one of the most important parts of the investment – the Evo Bus Setra and Mercedes service center. It is interesting that, as a potential buyer of the property offered at a senselessly low price, appeared brother of one of the Bank's directors, Aleksandar Divljak, who managed the entire case!

We also informed the Headquarters and the Board of the Directors in France about the illegal actions of Credit Agricole Bank and Divljak.

The lawsuit I filed on that occassion in order to prevent the damage other trustees could suffer, also contained the demand for a temporary measure which would stop selling before the moment of the judgement making.

However, the Court still does not give its opinion on that matter!

Along with the lawsuit I attached the expert results made by the construction expert who confirmed that the new facilities were not built on the foundations of the old ones. Based on all these facts, I also filed criminal charges to the Higher Prosecution in Novi Sad, to a special Department for Combating Corruption. It was not sufficient to the Court so they engaged their own expert. His results arrived these days, confirming the attitude that the mortgage had been established illegally and without valid documentation, i.e. that the mortgage had been done by counterfeiting of the documents. I supplemented the criminal charges with that document as well.

Although an illegal mortgage is a criminal act and it was a part of the process of taking away my property, the team which investigated 24 compromized privatizations did not deal with that matter at all, they never tried to find out who was behind the case of ATP Vojvodina and they did not try to find out who was the one for whom the Bank was preparing the terrain by blocking the property with 100 million Euros with buiness.

The speculations that all these things were done in accordance with the interests of narco and tobacco mafia, which have had strong support in Vojvodina structures, have never been checked.

The same people who were as inspectors dilligently controlling my companies since 2006 and found nothing, became members of the team which investigated 24 compromized privatizations.

Although the case of ATP Vojvodina has been defined as one of five biggest cases and the only one in which the investor but not the state suffers the damage, they have tried to use the mounted charges in order to make me guilty, thus protecting ex Mayor Maja Gojković, current Head of Vojvodina Igor Mirović, their predecessors such as Bojan Pajtić, Minister for Capital Investments Velimir Ilić. As for the field of judiciary, the Prosecutor Djordje Ostojić was doing the job for them.

In that way they hushed up the connection between that part of the authorities with the banker Divljak, but also their role in the illegal flows of dirty money which was harrying all around Vojvodina since 2004, victim of which is ATP Vojvodina and my investment which should have fed families of more than a thousand employees.


The lawsuit, first expertise, criminal charges, supplement to the criminal charges and second expertise.

Sincerely Yours,

Ilija Dević, investor of ATP Vojvodina company

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

pre privatizacije


Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

posle privatizacije


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