Ilija Dević: My family is now the target of the attacks

Judging by the speed at which the police reacted to the claim of the Bankruptcy Trustee Nikola Pavlović that my daughter Andjelka Dević thretened him, I expect that the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Novi Sad will urgently raise an indicment.That Prosecutor's Office already showed their importance because even in 2007 they initiated the criminal procedure against me because of the suspicions that I had evaded taxes. Ten years later I was legally released because it turned out that I had even overpaid the taxes for that period to the tax administration. During that time the criminal charges which I and the Anti-corruption Agency have filed and which have confirmed that my property has been being taken away are kept in the drawer.

It is clear that the team which is taking my property away considers me to be an obstacle, because I have been defending myself by legal means and documentation, thus fighting for my own property being earned during the period of 35 years spent in private business. So, two days after the hearing during which it was decided to send ATP Vojvodina company to bakruptcy, I sent another memorial containg the papers with the evidence of malverzations done by the Bankruptcy Trustee Nikola Pavlović. I also demanded from the Court, since there is no other way for me, to provide me with the additional documents. That was the initial spark which made the Bankruptcy Trustee “remember“ that my daugher had threatened him after the hearing. He said that she had uttered some pointless and degutant sentence and he filed false criminal charges. According to that private charges, the police reacted promptly by investigating the eywitnesses of the short quarrel in front of the Court building.

It is not necessary to be very clever to understand that Pavlović is not the principle player in the process of confiscation of my property, but the “game“ is being played under the dictation of Novi Sad authorities and Credit Agricole Bank.That is why he certainly would not be worth of conversation and the filed charges can be considered more as an abuse of the institutions of the system aim of which is to dim the process of taking my property away.


Best regards,

Ilija Dević,Investitor ATP “Vojvodina” Novi Sad

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

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Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

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