Dević: I am not a founder, I am Ilija Dević - an investor

When considering complaints, lawsuits, audits, initiatives and petitions every judge, prosecutor and holder of a state function should first read this press release and see the scheme

It is possible that in the coming months the courts will in a synchronized way „solve“ the cases relating the case of ATP Vojvodina, to the detriment of me as an investor.
All that will take place because 2021 is about to arrive and that is the year in which the City of Novi Sad will be the capital of European culture and a bus station will be needed; the „easiest“ way to get it if the long time ago planned process of my investment is completed.
I signed the Contract with the City on the basis of the General Urban Plan(GUP) voted by the City Assembly. I have fulfilled my obligations, but the Novi Sad authorities have not.
In order to justify their non-compliance with the contract, they formed a group of citizens for change of GUP and after that the courts did respond to my lowsuits. Till 2013.
A horrible pressure has been being exerted on the judiciary since then and, in order to prevent me from keeping my capital, they have created mounted criminal proceedings.
It was decided to end the ATP Vojvodina bankruptcy procedure, which the company was brought in due to non-compliance with the contract, in bankruptcy.
Further course of the taking away the investment has been prepared very carefully and there are two possible directions of its development.

In the first option, the bankruptcy estate from bankruptcy will be sold with the help of Credit Agricole Bank and judges, and there are some speculations that the buyer will be the investment fund which is the owner of the construction company well-known to the citizens of Novi Sad; Credit Aagricole Bank is the one which moved to the first premises of its mansion. In the second option, the assets will be sold by Credit Agricole Bank which considers itself as the secure creditor on the basis of the illegal mortgage with the record of the dispuite and filed criminal charges against the responsible persons. The buyer in this case as well is the abovementioned investment fund which will, in case of this option, get a valuable investment at the price of the built-in conctruction materials.

The abovementioned construction company is intensively preparing for this „take over“ together with the City and Credit Agricole Bank with help of the courts. They have estimated that the current bankruptcy management is not capable of performing the complicated operation, so representative of that interested company, Dragan Randjelović who is well-known for his good cooperation with the judges in bankruptcy cases, has become a member of the Trustee Board. This company is owned by the top of Serbian and the

Republic of Srpska authorities. The only question is in which way is the City going to give them the thing it did not want to give to me?

Another question is if Novi Sad authorities and judges have been thinking about the consequences, because the case of ATP Vojvodina is among the five biggest cases from the list of 24 compromized privatizations and the only one in which the investor but not the state of Serbia suffers the damage?


Sincerely Yours,

Ilija Dević, investor of ATP Vojvodina company

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

pre privatizacije


Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

posle privatizacije


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