- Prosecution Assistants Refused to Question my Daughter and Threatened with the Court Guard!

Yesterday at 14:00 my daughter responded to summons in order to be given the possibilities for postponemnt of criminal prosecution because of the non-existent attack on the Bankruptcy Trustee Nikola Pavlović. A trainee and two female clerks were waiting for her in the Prosecutor’s Office. The trainee asked her to give him her identity card and he did not say anything. My daughter asked them to tell her why they had called her. The trainee was not familiar with the case, but he started to read something without any logic order, She told him that it was not true and that she wanted to tell them what she had to say. One of the female clerks decisively said: „No! We are going to call the court guard now!“ After such a threat my daughter told them: „Sue me,“ and left the office.

She wanted to tell them the following, but she was prevented form doing that by the court guard threat!

On 22 January, after the hearing on bankruptcy, there was a short substantiated argument. After it, the Bankruptcy Trustee Nikola Pavlović approached my lawyer and said: „Sorry, I had to do that.“ He said that because he did not dare to to talk about the irregularities in ATP Vojvodina bankruptcy and that was something we had demanded. On that very day, the Court made the decision on bankruptcy out of hearing and put the decision on the noticeboard.

It was then that we asked from the bankruptcy judge to investigate numerous irregularities the Bankruptcy Trustee had made in the bankruptcy process, including the way of distribution of the paid damage compensation.

Two days after the hearing, on persuasion of the Credit Agricole Bank’s lawyer and the representative of Budućnost who was paid by them, the Bankruptcy Trustee Nikola Pavlović went to police to inform them that my daughter had threatened him. He told them the lies made by those who had given him the order to do that.

Under the pressure put by the City authorities and Credit Agricole Bank, the police was incredibly fast - they investigated the case and filed the case to the Prosecutor’s Office.

That is what my daughter Andjelka Dević was prevented from telling them yesterday, although we have the entire e-mail correspondence. Of course, she did not want to put her signature on any agreement and she told them: „Sue me. I will prove everything in the court.“

All this is just continuation of an orchestrated action of the City of Novi Sad authorities and Credit Agricole Bank realized through the institutions which have put themselves in their service in order to provide conditions for the tycoons they are familiar with to take over my precious investment.

Sincerely Yours,

Ilija Dević, Investor of ATP Vojvodina Company

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

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Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

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