Even two weeks after my addressing the Bankruptcy Trustee Licensing Agency (BTLA)

10 June 2021 The Bankruptcy Trustee Nikola Pavlović has in advance the BTLA reportsunapred ima izveštaje ALSU(Bankruptcy Trustee Licensing Agency)

and my pointing at the illegal sale of ATP Vojvodina property and acting of the Bankruptcy Trustee, there has not been a reply from that institution.

The same statements can be found in the complaint I filed to the Court of Appeal even on 21 April, but the complaint was only yesterday forwarded from the Commercial Court in Novi Sad to the second-instance Court. In spite of that, it was in late May when the Bankruptcy Trustee scheduled new sale-the new bus station this time, for 30 June. Both the State Attorney’s Office on behalf of the Tax Administration and the Commercial Bank also filed the complaint against the previously announced sale. The only conclusion one can make is that the Bankruptcy Trustee knows in advance the outcome of the court cases and that is why, in accordance with someone’s order, he announces the sale.

He has got his own reasons, because he was paid 45,000 Euros as the bankruptcy costs of the previous sale and he also got the same amount as a reward. The very procedure was carried out by „confusing the laws“, implementation of wrong laws by the judge Vladislav Kurtek, and that is the subject of my complaint.

It is obvious that there are some doubts relating to the sale procedure, because the buyers have not yet taken possession of the purchase.

However, it seems as if the buyers and the Bankruptcy Trustee believe that the outcome of the court case will be in accordance with their expectations, especially knowing the fact that the judge Biljana Subotić was already present in this case.

Last year she made the decision on the complaint relating to the bankruptcy and, although the bankruptcy cases are to be prioritized, she kept the complaint in the drawer fro nine months. In that way, she provided conditions for hasty conducting of the case accompanied by numerous irregularities.

I know the judge Biljana Subotić very well, because she used to come to my own company to have coffee with the Vice President of the Commercial Court who employed her because she was sister of the Prosecutor Rade Terzić. Some other judges who are still working with the Commercial Court of Appeal were a part of that team. On this occasion I would like to call the judge Biljana Subotić to get exempted from this case. That would be honorable because, in that case, she would not have to obey the orders of the powerful people and put her blessing to the procedure outcome of which is apparently known in advance and which could cause destruction of me and my family.

At the same time, this appel is sent to the Republic and Special Prosecutor’s Offices as an invitation for them to deal with this case and, now when they have entered the struggle against crime, to formally find out who stands behind 15 years long savage plunderage of my property and my persecution.

The case of ATP Vojvodina is still under permanent monitoring of the European Commission as one of the five biggest cases from the list of 24 compromised privatizations and the only one in which I as the investor, but not the state, suffer the damage.

Sincerely Yours,

Ilija Dević, Investor of ATP Vojvodina Novi Sad

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

pre privatizacije


Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

posle privatizacije


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